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How much notice do I need to give for a bin?

In most cases, 24 hours is required for delivery, pick up, or exchange.

How long can I keep a bin for?

Typically for 3 - 4 days. In some cases, a load-and-go is available if pre-arranged with the dispatcher.

Is it possible to receive a bin in less than 24 hours?

In some cases, yes, same day delivery is possible.

Can I place a bin on the road?

No, not without a permit. A permit can be purchased at your local municipality.

What are the dimensions of the bins?

7 yard12' long x 8' wide x 2' high
14 yard14' long x 8' wide x 4' high
20 yard20' long x 8' wide x 4' high
30 yard20' long x 8' wide x 6' high
40 yard20' long x 8' wide x 8' high

What is the biggest bin I can use for concrete or dirt?

The 7 or 14 yard bins are recommended.

Waste Categories

C & DConstruction and Demolition waste; wood, metal, cardboard, drywall, plastic, brick, concrete and asphalt.
Mixed Waste / ICIHousehold and commercial debris; furniture and waste from other categories listed.
WoodClean lumber; non-chemically treated.
Cleanfill / EarthSoil, sod, earth, garden bed materials and sand.

How early and how late can I get a bin?

If pre-arranged with our dispatch, as early or as late as you like.