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Ever think of what the future of waste disposal and recycling might look like? At Draglam Waste & Recycling, we have thought of some surprising possibilities that could come to a city near you sooner than you might think.

1.       Collection App


What morning is your garbage collected? What night does your garbage bin need to go on the street? In the future, it might not matter. With a collection app it means that the collection will occur once your garbage or recycling bin is full. Through an app, the home owner or business will request collection. This would also be for large bins at commercial locations or construction projects. Payment is collected and notification made through the app that waste & recycling was picked up.


2.       Pay As You Throw

In the future, collection companies will be able to detect if your bin is full and how much it weighs before they come to pick it up. The Pay As You Throw model, includes weight-based charging and will create a greater incentive for households and businesses to be conscious of the amount of waste they produce. Recycling bins will be free of charge, however be aware that any cross disposing will leave the owner with a hefty fine.


3.       Robotic Recovery & Drone Collection


Robots are rapidly appearing into every industry; why not the waste and recycling industry? Imagine a self-driving truck with mechanical arms able to drive through your neighbourhood, stop in front of your house and have the ability to reach out and pick up your garbage or recycle bin. Self-driving cars are emerging so, why not trucks? Take this concept even further with today’s drone technology. Imagine flying drones coming to your street on the pick-up date and carrying away your waste and recycling. We think this could very well be a possibility.


4.    High Rise Garbage & Recycling

With rising housing prices and demand for urban inner city living spiking, collection from high density residences will increase and curb side pickups will decrease. This will mean accessing larger bins in smaller spaces (like underground car parks), and increased use of technologies like garbage shoots, onsite compactors and even vacuum collection systems.


Whatever the future brings, Draglam Waste & Recycling will be ready and leaders in new technologies and processes within the industry. Call us today!