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Spring is just around the corner, so now is the time to plan for your home renovations. Whether it’s upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, or perhaps changing the look of your driveway, one thing is for certain: at the end of it all you will require waste removal services.

At Draglam Waste, we offer a variety of bin services to best suit your needs. For larger scale residential projects we offer Roll-Off bins which come in a variety of sizes. Roll-off bins collect construction materials such as clean fill, wood, concrete, plastic, as well as paper, metal, and general waste. 

For smaller applications, you may opt for our Less Mess Enviro Bag which collects general waste, paper, and cardboard. If you’ve ordered any Less Mess gardening or landscaping product for delivery, simply reuse the emptied bag for household or yard waste and we’ll pick it up for a nominal fee. No need for soils, mulches or compost? No worries – empty bags are available to purchase at  

Draglam Waste operates multiple transfer and recycling facilities, as well as our own fleet of 11 tractor trailers which transport recyclables to recycling facilities and waste directly to landfill. This allows us to control our operations, costs and external obstacles effectively to serve you better. Each station operates in a manner that is environmentally sound and complies with all applicable laws. We’re proud that our current system allows us to efficiently recycle over 75% of the materials that come into the transfer stations.


Let us be a part of your spring renovation project! Order your bin online at or order your empty bag today at